Swings & Stars (One Shot)

You sit on the swing gently swinging waiting for your crush to show up. He suggested this meeting spot this morning while you stammered out a yes. You have had a crush on him for three years, but he is also your best friend so you don’t want to ruin the friendship. You still get so nervous around him. You feel him hugging you from behind. You love when (C/N) does that, you blush slightly at your closeness.
“Hi (Y/N)!”
“Hi, why did you want to meet this late?”
(C/N) sits on the swing next to yours.
“So we can gaze at stars together,” he says smiling. The butterflies in your stomach enrupt and you end up thinking, how romantic, but then you remember that his only sees you as a friend.
“I like that idea,” you say.
You are surprised when he takes your hand in his, but you like it so you just let the evening pass by talking to (C/N) and laughing at his silly jokes.

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