Review #5: Self-published eBook: (You Make Me) Spill My Ink by Mona Soorma

Title: (You Make Me) Spill My Ink

By: Mona Soorma AKA Manic Sylph

Genre(s): Poetry / Dairy / Journal

Summary: The dance of the Poet and the Muse is rather fascinating, a gorgeous and mystical precursor to the creative effort. This book , the diary of a poet by Mona Soorma a.k.a. Manic Sylph, takes you on a journey to the beautiful inner world of imagination and creation.

Rating: 💚💚💚💚 (See my Reviews Ratings post for more details)

My review of (You Make Me) Spill My Ink:

Mona Soorma’s way of formatting these poems into dairy entries, that allow her to talk to her muse, is wonderful. She gives you a feeling of peace when reading her poetry and since it’s set in the months of the year you really get a feeling of the seasons rolling into another and when her muse strikes the most.

I’ve never read about someone personifying their muse in such a unique way as Mona has done:

“It’s my pen, but I write in your ink…”

“I flow out of you and you flow into me in scrawls of flowing ink…”

These examples are just the beginning of her well-written poems. This book really is a poetry collection as all the poems just work so well together. Also the word choice (“…pull me into your luminous oceans of creativity?”) gives the book a sense of magic. ❤️

Overall, I believe that the writing is beautiful and dreamy.

I highly recommend this poetry collection. 💚


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