The Cashier (One Shot)

You stand in line and your heart beat quickens as you get closer.

(C/N) is behind the till and you’re next.

You’re almost drooling because of his brilliant blue eyes and sandy blonde hair.

He is so insanely attractive to you.

Just as the lady in front of you is leaving you have a coughing fit.

You kick yourself for being so embarrassing in front of the young man, who looks as if he is about 21 years old.

(C/N) hands you a hot drink as you put down your Coke Zero on the counter.

“Oh umm, thanks. What is this?” You ask stupidly.

(C/N) smiles,” it’s hot milk and honey. It’s for your cough. It is free.

You feel your insides melt and thank him while stuttering and tripping over your own feet in the process.

(C/N) has made your day and you can’t wait to see him again.

First a Hundred Words Of Short Story: LYLA (L-eye-LA)

Felix gripped her hand as they entered their first day of twelve grade. All the other students were bustling with energy and talking 19 to the dozen.

Lyla and Felix on the other hand shuffled their feet staring at the ground.

He gave her hand a squeeze and whispered,” We are going to be okay,”

A few boys laughed saying,” who is that freak talking to?”

Felix ignored their comments and focused on the beautiful blonde girl before him.

They kept walking to his new locker as the students stared at Felix, for, he was the only one who saw Lyla at all.