Insights: My Book; My Dreamland

This is my second self-published poetry book ‘My Dreamland’ and it’s a bit different to the others.


‘My Dreamland’ is about a 17 year old girl who dreams about her perfect relationship for a year. It’s about her crush who she hopes likes her as much as she likes them. It’s representing first love and infatuation; some would call it ‘puppy love’ 😊

I’ve split the poems up into four sections; Winter, Summer, Autumn, Spring and for each season I’ve written about 16 poems…

Here is the amazon link:Β

Babysitting Lucy (One Shot)

“Hey (Y/N)! Thanks so much for agreeing to take care of Lucy for me. My parents are at work.”
You force a smile as you enter his house. He is going on a date; unfortunatly not with you.
“No problem!” You reply as a small figure ploughs into you to give you a hug.
“Hey Lucy!” You say happily. She is so cute.
“Well I have to go now,” (C/N) says hugging you and Lucy.
“Bye! Have fun!” You say in unison.
You and Lucy play house and dolls, which you enjoy.
Awhile later you hear the door opening. Thats funny; he is early.
“Hi (C/N). Why are you back so early?” You see the look on his fsce and you fling your arms around him.
“What happened?” You ask as he breaks down. You lead him to the sofa and sit down, Lucy still in her room playing.
“S-s-she b-broke u-up w-with m-m-me,” he whimpers.
“She is insane. You don’t deserve her.”
“I am not good enough for her or anyone else.” He says crying into your shoulder.
“Yes you are,” you say.
“No I am not,”
“I would date you in a heartbeat,” you murmer.
“Sorry (Y/N)?”
“Please stay the night?” He asks. You nod and he falls asleep on your lap watching Harry Potter.

The Cashier (One Shot)

You stand in line and your heart beat quickens as you get closer.

(C/N) is behind the till and you’re next.

You’re almost drooling because of his brilliant blue eyes and sandy blonde hair.

He is so insanely attractive to you.

Just as the lady in front of you is leaving you have a coughing fit.

You kick yourself for being so embarrassing in front of the young man, who looks as if he is about 21 years old.

(C/N) hands you a hot drink as you put down your Coke Zero on the counter.

“Oh umm, thanks. What is this?” You ask stupidly.

(C/N) smiles,” it’s hot milk and honey. It’s for your cough. It is free.

You feel your insides melt and thank him while stuttering and tripping over your own feet in the process.

(C/N) has made your day and you can’t wait to see him again.