Summary of Ellie, Everlasting

Blurb for Ellie, Everlasting:

What would you do if you discovered your favourite fairy tale was based on reality?

During the last year of high school, an unexpected tragedy tears Ellie Parker away from her family, and her girlfriend, Olivia. While the survivors struggle to cope with the trauma of losing someone so young and full of promise, Ellie finds herself wrapped up in the adventure of a lifetime… on the other side of the grave.

Neverland is real.

Peter Pan is real.

The Lost Boys and Girls are real.

But something sinister lurks in the shadows, threatening both worlds. Will Ellie and her new friends be able to save Earth and Neverland before it’s too late?

Four Excerpts of My Wattpad Story ‘Shades Of Blue’

1. “She ran herself a bath and put some baby blue bath salts in it. Β When she finally got out of the steamy water she went to bed and dreamed of a certain boy with indigo eyes and a soft smile.”

2. “Ciel couldn’t remember how he had ended up in hospital. All he knew was that one minute he was thinking about Skyla and the next he was in a fatal position on the floor of his bedroom crying out in pain. He looked at the cyan painted walls and tried to lift his head up, but the pain was unbearable and the world around him turned to stars. Then it faded to black.”

3. “His lips, which were once strawberry red, were now azure blue and his inky blue eyes that stared vacantly up at them had turned to pastel blue.”

4. “Skyla was sobbing so much that she bit her lip to stop the sound from escaping. She bit down so hard that it turned a blueberry colour…”



Insights: My Book; The Girl With The Purple Hair

The next ‘Insight’ is of my first self-published novelette/short story book ‘The Girl With The Purple Hair’.


I originally posted ‘The Girl With The Purple Hair’ on Wattpad on the 6th of November, 2016. (βœ”%EF%B8%8F). I wanted to see if people would read my story and surprisingly, as of today, 15th October, 2018, it has about 68,800 views and 14,580 votes.

I self-published it on in May, 2018.

The Girl With The Purple Hair is about a 17/18 year old shy mute girl called Violette, who has dyed her hair purple (obviously πŸ™„Β πŸ˜‚Β ) and a sensitive 18/19 year old boy, Benny, who’s falling for Violette more than ever.

Violette and Benny have known each other for about eight years and have been friends ever since. When she starts getting bullied, Benny quickly sticks up for her and is furious when people start attacking her and he tries everything he can to protect his girlfriend.

Violette decides she is ready to learn to speak again and invites Benny to go to speech therapy with her. This is a story of healing and over coming toxic people in the form of bullies.


Here is the Amazon link:Β

Lost Girl From Neverland


I’m writing a spin-off (or something) of Peter Pan where an 18 year old dies and is sent to Neverland. Peter is assigned to new comers and shows her this seemingly perfect place. This story is set in 2019, 115 years after he met Wendy. He still thinks about her a lot, but when Ellie turns up, he realises he’s not thinking about Wendy anymore…


Please comment your thoughts!

Babysitting Lucy (One Shot)

“Hey (Y/N)! Thanks so much for agreeing to take care of Lucy for me. My parents are at work.”
You force a smile as you enter his house. He is going on a date; unfortunatly not with you.
“No problem!” You reply as a small figure ploughs into you to give you a hug.
“Hey Lucy!” You say happily. She is so cute.
“Well I have to go now,” (C/N) says hugging you and Lucy.
“Bye! Have fun!” You say in unison.
You and Lucy play house and dolls, which you enjoy.
Awhile later you hear the door opening. Thats funny; he is early.
“Hi (C/N). Why are you back so early?” You see the look on his fsce and you fling your arms around him.
“What happened?” You ask as he breaks down. You lead him to the sofa and sit down, Lucy still in her room playing.
“S-s-she b-broke u-up w-with m-m-me,” he whimpers.
“She is insane. You don’t deserve her.”
“I am not good enough for her or anyone else.” He says crying into your shoulder.
“Yes you are,” you say.
“No I am not,”
“I would date you in a heartbeat,” you murmer.
“Sorry (Y/N)?”
“Please stay the night?” He asks. You nod and he falls asleep on your lap watching Harry Potter.

Swings & Stars (One Shot)

You sit on the swing gently swinging waiting for your crush to show up. He suggested this meeting spot this morning while you stammered out a yes. You have had a crush on him for three years, but he is also your best friend so you don’t want to ruin the friendship. You still get so nervous around him. You feel him hugging you from behind. You love when (C/N) does that, you blush slightly at your closeness.
“Hi (Y/N)!”
“Hi, why did you want to meet this late?”
(C/N) sits on the swing next to yours.
“So we can gaze at stars together,” he says smiling. The butterflies in your stomach enrupt and you end up thinking, how romantic, but then you remember that his only sees you as a friend.
“I like that idea,” you say.
You are surprised when he takes your hand in his, but you like it so you just let the evening pass by talking to (C/N) and laughing at his silly jokes.